One rainy night, going to pick up pizza, about 2 years ago I was thinking of a way I could give back to the families of 9/11.  My goal was to increase awareness of the hardships the families endured and truly never forget.  I remember thinking; hey I could run from the Pentagon to Ground Zero and raise money for a truly charitable cause that would directly impact the victims of 9/11.  People would think I was crazy and out of curiosity would be intrigued enough to investigate my cause.  I remember calling my brother the next day and he immediately thought I was crazy, which I figured he would.

Two years later I am finally planning to make this a reality.  With the help of many along the way, I am going to run roughly 240 miles with plans to arrive on September 11, 2014.  Unfortunately I will not be able to run to Shanksville, Pennsylvania where Flight 93 crashed but they will not be forgotten during this run.  Routes and times are still fluctuating but I will attempt to average 60 miles a day making this a 4 day journey.  Along the way I welcome anyone wanting to run with me for a mile or 50.

I have looked into multiple charities and will be running for 2 different organizations. Tuesdays Children provides support for  the families of victims of 9/11, first responders as well as their families.  Knowing how important the role our military plays to thwart future potential attacks as well as the sacrifice they make to our country, I will be running for a military charity as well.  Special Operations Warrior Foundation’s main objective is to provide full college scholarships to children of Special Operations personnel who lost their lives while serving.

I want to truly never forget.  Never forget 9/11 and the lifelong changing effect that day had on millions of Americans and their families.  I want to never forget about the families left behind whether from the attack or service members.  I want to never forget about the mental and physical issue survivors have endured whether being present on that fateful day or working to protect our country.  I want to never forget about the spouses, children, mothers and fathers and how their lives have changed.  I want to show the victims, first responders, our military and their families America will never forget and we stand behind them.

My goal is to get people to stand and show their support.  I would rather see a million people donate one dollar then one person donate a million.  I would rather run through New York City towards Ground Zero not alone but with hundreds if not thousands of people joining me.  I hope you will join me in my cause whether providing mental support (because we all know I need that), physical support (by training with me, helping during the run or getting the word out) or monetarily to either charity.